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Yi Jing Plug & Play

Enroll in Our Yijing Plug & Play & Transform Your Life and Space with Ancient Wisdom

Rooted in thousands of years of ancient wisdom, Chinese Metaphysics has been embraced globally for its transformative insights—from making predictive analyses and enhancing Feng Shui, to decoding the very blueprint of one’s life.

Our foundational course serves as your gateway to this rich tapestry of ancient knowledge, focusing on the profound teachings and applications of Yi Jing. What you learn isn’t just theoretical; it’s immediately applicable to your daily life. With a blend of in-depth case studies and dynamic live demonstrations, we empower you to gain hands-on experience and cultivate confidence in utilizing Yi Jing techniques for a harmonious and fulfilling life.

Why Choose Our Course?

Discover Ancient Insights with Yi Jing Divination

Have you ever felt lost or uncertain about your future? Tap into the ancient knowledge of Yi Jing Divination and find your True North. Our course gives you the confidence and skill to make enlightened decisions that align with your life purpose.

Harmonize Your Living Space with Yi Jing Feng Shui

Stop settling for a home that’s just a place to sleep. Learn how to harmonize your living environment and turn it into a sanctuary for your soul. Our step-by-step Feng Shui techniques show you exactly how to create a peaceful abode that also accelerates your success.

Expert Guidance and Practical Learning

What sets our Yi Jing Plug & Play course apart is our commitment to practical education. We don’t just teach—we show. Witness live demonstrations and engage with real case studies to build your confidence in applying Yi Jing principles the right way.

Special Wealth Creation Technique

Don’t settle for the limiting beliefs and practices that have capped your financial potential. It’s time to break free. Learn our Special Wealth Creation Technique—an approach that combines the ancient wisdom of Yi Jing with modern wealth creation strategies.

Course Details

Transforming your sales challenges into victories with proven strategies & cutting-edge techniques

Course Dates: 30 & 31 March 2024
Duration: 10am to 5pm (GMT+8)
Location: Online via Zoom
Suitable For: Anyone
Course Fee: $788 $388


“This course opened my eyes to a world of ancient wisdom. I’ve found clarity and purpose.”

“I love the Special Wealth Creation, it has helped me accumulate more Wealth after the course.”

“The lessons are insightful, and the practical applications have transformed my living space.”

“I no longer worry about so many things, Yijing Divination has allow me to better plan for my future.”

*100% of previous students have stated that they will recommend this course to others

Course Outline

Topic 1

Introduction to Chinese Metaphysics

Topic 2

Introduction to Yi Jing

Topic 3

Taiji and Yin/Yang

Topic 4

5 Elements

Topic 5

Kinship of 5 Elements

Topic 6

8 Trigrams (Ba Gua)

Topic 7

Yijing Divination

Topic 8

Yijing Feng Shui

Topic 9

Special Wealth Number Creation


Ready to rewrite your story through the wisdom of Yi Jing?

Book your spot today, and you won’t just be another passive observer—you’ll become an empowered individual brimming with actionable wisdom.

The knowledge you gain isn’t abstract or theoretical; it’s immensely practical and transformative. You’ll walk away with ancient insights and modern applications that you can implement in your life right away.

Immediate Wisdom, Lifelong Benefits

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Still considering? The time to act is now.

Think about it: If life was a playlist, would you want it to be stuck on a loop of ‘what-ifs’ and ‘somedays,’ or would you want it to play a symphony of ‘right-nows’ and ‘yes, I cans’? With the Yi Jing Plug & Play Course, you don’t have to ponder over the track list. You become the composer of your own life score, filled with harmony, abundance, and purpose.

Don’t let this valuable opportunity slip through your fingers. Your chance to unlock a new dimension of living is just a click away. Sign up now and prepare to see the world—and yourself—in a brand-new light.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course conducted in English or Chinese?

This course is conducted fully in English.

If I am totally new, can I still sign up for the course?

This foundation course is specially catered for people like you.

How is this course different from other courses in the market?

There are almost none or very few foundation courses around. Many courses expect you to already have the basic knowledge through reading yourself. This makes it tough for new learners who wish to learn this subject.

Can I really do divination or prediction after this course?

Yes, this is one of the core objectives of this course. You can do this not only for yourself but also for your family and friends.

Will I really know how to adjust Feng Shui after this course?

Yes, this is one of the core objectives of this course. You will learn how to mitigate the bad Feng Shui and also how to perform enhancements to improve your overall luck.

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