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Yijing House

A Chinese Metaphysics Consultancy based in Singapore. We aim to achieve the best outcome for all Our Clients
through the Study and Remedy of the Holy Trinity – Heaven, Earth, Man (天地人).

Heaven () – We assess Bazi, Name, Phone Numbers and many other factors to provide a wholesome assessment
of Your Life, Opportunities Potential and Luck Trends.

Earth () – We assess the Fengshui (风水) of the place to harness on the Good qi (气) and to remedy on the Bad qi (气) to achieve excellence.

Man () – We go through the Physiological aspects of your Thoughts and Behavior to help maximize strengths and improve on the weakness.

The balance of the 5 Elements (Metal , Wood , Water , Fire , Earth ).

It is important to achieve a well balance in each the Elements to obtain a Harmonious, Happy and Healthy outcome.

We hope to use and spread the knowledge of this Ancient Wisdom to help as many as possible.


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